A Roofing Company in Mount Vernon Explains What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roofs in 2023 – Did you know that your roof can account for about 40 percent of your Mount Vernon home’s exterior? It’s essential to keep your roof in the best possible condition, not only for curb appeal but for your family’s safety. Robison, a trusted roofing company in Mount Vernon, knows that new homeowners can have a lot of questions about their roofs, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important things to know about your home’s roof.

Roofing companies in Mount Vernon believe that you should know:

  • The materials used for your roof
  • The common elements of roof design
  • When was your roof was installed and last repaired
  • How your roof is ventilated


Our Roofing Company in Mount Vernon Explains: The Materials Used for Your Roof

Your roof is a critical piece of protecting your home, so it’s important to know what exactly your roof is made of. As a top roofing company in Mount Vernon, our team at Robison knows there are seven basic elements of your roof that you should be familiar with.


Shingles – These can be made from various materials and are used to protect your roof’s sheathing.


Trim – This refers to the material installed to protect your roof’s seams.


Sheathing – This is also referred to as the roof’s deck. It is the boards and/or sheet metal attached to the rafters. The sheathing is used to cover your home.


Rafters – This is considered the skeleton of your roof; the wood or metal slats support your home’s sheathing and shingles.


Flashing – This material, often sheet metal, is installed on top of your roof’s joints to prevent water damage.


Drainage – This is what allows excess water to run off of your roof; it is calculated using the slope of your roof.


Underlayment – This is a paper-like material installed over your roof’s sheathing to protect it from rain and snow. It is water-resistant and used with a membrane and vapor barrier.

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Roofing Company in Mount Vernon Explains: The Common Elements of Roof Design

Every roof can be designed differently, but there are common design elements. According to roofing companies in Mount Vernon almost all roofs have these eight common design elements.


Ridge – This is the highest point of your roof, can also be called the peak.


Centerline of Ridge – This is the wall or rafter under the edge of a gable wall; it can also be called a verge.


Gable Wall – The triangular parts of the roof that extend from the eaves to the ridge of the roof.


Eaves – This refers to the edges of the roof that hang over the home’s exterior walls.


Valley – These are the areas of the roof where two sections meet; they often slope downwards.


Abutment – This is where sections of the roof meet vertically, such as by a wall or chimney.


Hip – This refers to the highest point where the roof meets.


Dormers – The section of the home that sticks out under the roof. It is designed to allow more natural light into the attic or the third floor of a home; not every home has one.


Your Roofing Company in Mount Vernon Suggests Finding Out When Your Roof was Installed, and Last Repaired

You need to know whether your home still has its original roof and when it was last repaired. If your roof is over ten years old, you should hire a Mount Vernon roofing contractor to come out and inspect it to make sure it is still in good condition. You should also keep an eye out for water stains, cracks, and leaks with older roofs.

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Our Roofing Company in Mount Vernon Explains How Your Roof is Ventilated

Proper roof ventilation is essential for a healthy roof. If there isn’t any air flowing, your roof will likely have mold and mildew growth. There are a few factors that can decrease the amount of airflow to your roof.

Roofing companies in Mount Vernon suggest checking for these things in your home’s attic:

  • Double-check that your insulation on the attic floor is gap-free.
  • Ensure that there is a minimum of one inch between the insulation and roof sheathing.
  • Check your vapor barrier under the insulation to ensure that it’s stopping moisture from rising into the attic.


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