A roofing company in Cedar Rapids knows that many pests like to access your home’s roof during the warmer seasons. They will often try to gain access into your home through the roof, which can ruin its overall structural integrity. Many animals, like squirrels and birds, like to make their nests on top of home roofs, which can lead homeowners in desperate need of roof repair.

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A roofing company in Cedar Rapids understands that it’s impossible to prevent animals from accessing your roof entirely; climbing and flying make it easy for them to access it, but you should know what is causing roof damage and how extensive the destruction can be. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most common pests that can cause damage to your home’s roof.

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Your Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids Says, Watch Out for Squirrels

Leading roofing companies in Cedar Rapids also see a lot of damage caused by squirrels. These animals constantly scurry over roofs to leap from one tree to another and even build their nests on roofs. If squirrels constantly run across your roof, their paws can wear away at your shingles. This leaves them more susceptible to cracking or completely breaking off.

Squirrels can damage your home’s gutters and cause them to pull away from your home completely. According to a roofing company in Cedar Rapids, gutters tend to be a favorite hiding spot for squirrels, and they like to store their food there. It’s crucial to ensure that your home’s gutters stay clear so water can properly drain away from your roof, preventing structural damage and wood rot.

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According to a leading residential roofer in Cedar Rapids, birds are one of the leading causes of roof damage. It’s important to remember that birds have easy access to all roofs because they can fly. Birds also make their nests in the high branches of trees or on top of roofs to protect their eggs from predators.

According to a roofing company in Cedar Rapids, birds scurrying across roofs and building their nests can cause catastrophic roof damage. Birds use grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and other debris to build their nests. The items used to build a nest can trap on your roof, causing water damage that impacts your roof’s structural integrity.

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A leading residential roofing company in Cedar Rapids has also seen roof damage caused by termites. Any part of your home made from wood is susceptible to termite damage, even your roof. These pests love to make a home in the wooden nooks and crannies of yours and can cause significant damage to both your home and your roof’s overall structure.

According to a roofing contractor in Cedar Rapids, termites eat away at your home’s eaves, wooden beams, and any other wooden structure, compromising your home’s overall structural integrity. It’s crucial to have termites exterminated from your home immediately to prevent significant and costly damage.

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