A Leading Roofing Company in Iowa City Explains the Roof’s Function in an Energy-Efficient House—As a top roofing company in Iowa City, Robison is aware of the importance of your roof in maintaining the energy efficiency of your house. You have to deal with utility prices every month, so doing anything you can to reduce your bill will be a wonderful approach to increasing your money account.

As one of the top roofing companies in Iowa City, we will discuss some of the actions roofing contractors advise you to do for your new roof in this post, if you want to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. This article is broken down into four helpful sections:

  • Attic insulation done right
  • Attic ventilation done right
  • Think of shingles in lighter colors
  • A metal roof

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Roofing Company in Iowa City: Attic insulation is done right

A roofing company in Iowa City believes any house needs an attic, especially if it wants to control the temperature inside. The best roofing contractors in Iowa City often deal with houses with inadequate attic insulation. Particularly on a humid Iowa summer day, inadequate insulation can quickly cause interior temperatures to soar.

It is obvious that adding more insulation to your attic will save you money in the long run because a home without a properly insulated attic can result in an increase in air conditioning expenditures of up to 15%.

Roofing Company in Iowa City

Roofing Company in Iowa City: Attic ventilation done right

A roofing company in Iowa City explains to ensure better air quality and ventilation for your attic, make sure your Destin roofing company puts a suitable number of vents in your roof. Given that heat rises and that this area of your home is the warmest, vents should be placed close to the peak of the roof. Your home’s interior temperature will drop and your cooling expenses will go down if you remove extra heat from your attic.

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Think of shingles in lighter colors.

Similar to how a black t-shirt feels considerably hotter than a white t-shirt on a warm day, darker shingles absorb more heat than lighter shingles.  Dark shingles might be up to 25 degrees warmer than lighter ones on the warmest summer days.  So choosing grey or lighter colored shingles, which all of the finest roofing contractors in Iowa City should provide, is one approach to reduce energy expenditures for shingled roofs.

Roofing Company in Iowa City

Roofing Company in Iowa City

A metal roof

Metal is the best roofing material for deflecting heat away from your home, and it is swiftly overtaking all other roofing materials in demand among Iowa City residents. Metal roofs, according to roofing companies in Iowa City, can save air conditioning expenditures for homes by up to 40%. As a result, a typical $300 monthly utility cost might be reduced to just $180. What significant financial savings!

In conclusion, it should go without saying that having a roof that is both well-maintained and energy-efficient is essential to the overall efficiency of your home. Limited attic insulation, limited ventilation, and dark shingles that absorb more heat and raise energy bills can cause your air conditioning rates to jump by up to fifteen percent. Roofing companies in Iowa City say purchasing a new roof that has appropriate attic insulation, ventilation, lighter-colored shingles, or a metal roof can potentially result in long-term cost benefits for the homeowner.

Don’t put it off any longer; contact a reputable roofing company in Iowa City right now to find out how you may reduce your monthly energy costs while simultaneously improving the coziness of your home. With their assistance, you may be able to lower the amount you spend on utilities and contribute to a more environmentally friendly future. Today, make decisions based on accurate information, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a home that consumes less energy tomorrow!

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Just reroofed our five-unit condos from a hailstorm last November. Robison did a fantastic job, were quick on the estimate, and Jeremy was great to work with. They were here when they said they would be and had it all finished up in two days’ time with no mess, and no damage to decks or flower beds! The crew was professional and friendly and extremely hard working. Jeremy was back the day after to do a final walk-around. We are so happy that we chose Robison for our new roof. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for roof work.

Jane C.

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We were super happy with Robison! They recently did some specialty siding on the front of our house. Heidi was our point person and she was always very friendly and professional. Things didn’t go completely as planned with the job, which will happen in this line of work! But the important thing is that Heidi and the crew went above and beyond to make things right. We were really impressed and I would absolutely recommend Robison!

Andrea B.

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Robison installed a brand new roof this past fall and did a SUPER job! Their crew was very professional and kept the job site clean. Their project manager was able to meet with us within 24 hours of our phone call and wrote us an estimate at the time of their visit. We were able to get the roof replaced within a time frame that worked for us. I highly recommend this company.

Christina S.

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