A Roofing Company in North Liberty Leaks the Truth: 5 Causes of Roof Leaks —As a longtime roofing company in North Liberty, we know a roof that leaks can cause a lot of problems. If your roof is leaking, call Robison in North Liberty right away. Our primary focus is on installing and fixing roofs, and we understand how important it is to live somewhere safe.

Our roofing company in North Liberty has made a list of the five most common reasons why roofs leak.


Roofing Company in North Liberty: Flashings that have cracks

Flashings are watertight shields that are made by putting thin pieces of metal under your roof tiles and on the joints of your roof. Valley flashings are another name for flashings. Large cracks in your roof are a clear sign that your roof’s flashing has been damaged.

Cracked flashings can be caused by constant rain and wind, but a company that specializes in home roof repair in North Liberty can fix them very easily. This is because we know how to fix home roofs in North Liberty. After finding and identifying the damaged section, a roofing company in North Liberty will clean the area, remove the damaged piece of flashing, and then install the new piece of flashing.


Roofing Company in North Liberty

Roofing Company in North Liberty: Broken Shingles

Roofing companies in North Liberty explain that broken shingles are one of the most common causes of roof leaks in North Liberty. They are easy to spot. See whether there are any gaps where the shingles once were or if any shingles are gone. Also, look for boards that are pulling away from the roof. Shingles can be blown off a roof by strong winds, but other weather, like torrential rainfall, can wear them down and make them less effective over time.

To fix a broken shingle, a roofing company in North Liberty will take off the old shingles and nails and clean the area before putting on new shingles. After any trash is cleaned up, a North Liberty roofing company will put new shingles on your roof.

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Ice Buildup

Roofing companies in North Liberty know that during the winter, ice can build up in some places. Even while it doesn’t happen frequently in North Liberty, it might still happen if an ice storm blows through the region.

Ice buildup is a layer of ice that forms on the edge of your roof and keeps water from running off. Ice damming is another name for ice buildup.

Even though it’s below freezing outside, the snow is melting because of the heat coming from inside your house. This water that has melted will flow between the snow and the edge of the roof, where it will freeze again.

A roofing company in North Liberty, suggests buying a roof rake as a way to fix the problem. This will make it possible to solve the problem. With its long handle and slanted head, a roof rake looks like a shovel. It can be used to clear snow and ice from the edge of your roof, making it easier for water to run away.

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Roofing Company in North Liberty

Clogged Gutters

If you look in your gutters and see leaves and other garbage sticking out of them, you can be sure they are full. During a storm, if your downspout isn’t draining water, this is another sign that your gutters are full of garbage. Things carried by the wind can get stuck in drains and make them hard to use.

A roofing company in North Liberty will find clogged gutters. This might be easy to clean up, but it might take a long time to do so.

The best way to clean your gutters is to get on a ladder and remove the dirt from them by hand. Even though it might take a while, you won’t be able to miss the results the next time it rains.

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Cracks in the chimney

If your North Liberty home’s chimney is cracked, there is a greater chance that water will get inside. One way to tell if your chimney is cracked or not is to look for signs of wear on the mud cap. You should also check the mortared seams where the chimney meets the roof to see if any holes have formed. If your chimney is open to the outside, the mortar in it could fall apart, which could lead to cracks.

If a chimney has cracks, a roofing company in North Liberty will find where the leak is coming from and fix it. But if the problem is bad enough, you may have to get a new chimney.

Remember that taking care of your roof is the best way to stop leaks from happening in the first place. Make sure your North Liberty home’s roof gets regular repair and inspections to catch any problems before they get worse.

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If your roof leaks, you shouldn’t wait to fix it. Let Robison take care of all your roof repairs in North Liberty. Our team of professionals knows how to fix all kinds of roofing problems, including those caused by cracked flashings, broken shingles, ice buildup, clogged gutters, and cracked chimneys.

At Robison, we fix roofs in North Liberty and the nearby places in a way that is both reliable and affordable. Our skilled team will work with you every step of the way to make sure your roof is fixed properly and quickly.

Don’t let your home get damaged by a leaking roof; call Robison today.

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