The Best Roofer in North Liberty Offers 3 Helpful Ways to Tell If You Have Hail Damage — Every roofing company in North Liberty understands the level of severity hail damage in Iowa can have on a roof. How do you know if your roof has suffered from hail damage? How should you know if you even need to look into roof repair in North Liberty? How can I tell if I have hail damage in North Liberty? Here’s some helpful advice on these questions and more.

Check Your Roof

The best roofer in North Liberty wants you to check your shingles! Hail damage is tougher on shingles than anything else. Storm damage in North Liberty can be brutal on your shingles, but hail can cause crushing damage to your shingles, and can potentially put you ask risk of other costly damages as well.

Your roofing company in North Liberty reminds you to check your soft metals. Hail damage usually dents soft metals on a roof. This can include your vents, exhaust caps, trim, or anything another metal shingling.

The best roofer in North Liberty says check your ENTIRE roof! The slope or pitch of your roof, as well as the direction of the storm, may result in hail damage to only one side of your roof. To know for sure, you will need to check your roof or hire Robison to inspect it for you.


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Order A Roof Inspection from a Roofing Company in North Liberty

If you are unsure if your roof has suffered from hail or storm damage in Iowa, don’t agree to pay anyone to repair your roof without a proper and professional roof inspection first. Even a new roof in Iowa can be subjected to severe hail damage, but don’t take just anyone’s word for it.  Hire a professional roof inspection company like Robison to check to make sure your roof is in healthy condition before paying for repairs. Nothing is worse than paying for repairs your roof didn’t even need.

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Talk To Your Insurance Agent

Contact your insurance agent as well if you believe your roof has suffered from hail damage. There are numerous sources online which can help you confirm the existence and intensity of storms affecting the area. After you identify that your roof has suffered from hail damage from your insurance agent and roofing company, residential roof repair in North Liberty is here to help.


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