How to Know If You Have Roof Hail Damage; 5 Great Tips from a Roofing Company in Des Moines — Storm and hail damage can sometimes be a difficult thing to figure out unless you are an expert. It’s a good idea to know ahead of time the damage hail can do, how to identify it, and how to fix it before more damage is done.

If you have lived in the Midwest for any amount of time, you should be familiar with what a hailstorm is. Hail is solid ice that forms and hits to ground or any surface and can be partnered with high winds. Hail is one of the leading causes of damage to cars, windows, roofs, and other structures that happen to be in the path of the storm.

When it’s your roof, hail damage can be a little more difficult to spot from the ground. This means it requires someone climbing up on the roof, or you can call a company that specializes in residential roof repair in Des Moines to do a free evaluation and quote on your roof.


How Does Hail Specifically Damage My Roof?


A Roofing Company in Des Moines Explains Cracked Shingles

It’s incredible to think that hail can come down at such a robust rate that it will actually crack your shingles, but it’s true. Anytime a shingle is cracked, it is no longer able to protect your roof from water leaking into your home. Even a tiny crack can let enough water in to cause noticeable damage. If you spot cracked shingles, make sure and call the best roofer in Des Moines right away to do the necessary repairs and avoid damage. If this is the only damage to your roof, the individual shingles can often be replaced, and it’s a minor fix for a homeowner.

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A Roofing Company in Des Moines Explains Granules That Have Been Broken Off

Granules are the surface of your shingles that almost look like sand. These protect the surface below them from wearing out quickly. Hailstorms can easily knock all these tiny granules off your shingles, requiring roof repair in Des Moines much sooner than you planned. An excellent way to look for this kind of wear and tear is to see if your shingles look bare, or if you notice granules all around your guttering system.

A Roofing Company in Des Moines Explains Broken Seals Throughout Your Roofing System

A broken seal can happen at many different locations on your roof. The shingles themselves can be hit so hard that it breaks the seal that your shingles have with the underlayer. This means that water can seep through much more effortlessly and cause damage. You will need a professional to do conduct a roof repair in Des Moines right away.  This is to fix the seal and prevent shingles from blowing off your roof and leaving portions of the roof completely exposed to water.

Another seal break can happen with the mat that lays under your shingles. The mat can rip, tear, and buckle if exposed to high winds and hail. If shingles blow off your home, then the mat is left exposed and can be damaged. If this is the case, you leave your entire attic and home in danger of extensive damage.

A Roofing Company in Des Moines Explains Flashing Damage

Flashing is often a metal material that will show signs of hail damage to the naked eye easily. Your flashing will show dents and cracks where you can notice exactly where the hail hit your roof. These hits often break the seal or crack the flashing away from the shingles, which is a significant part of your roofing system. The flashing’s job is to redirect water to flow away from your roof, and if there is a crack, the water will instead seep down beneath your roof and into your attic or home.

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A Roofing Company in Des Moines Explains, How Much Hail Does It Takes to Require Roof Repair in Des Moines

Any hail is too much when it comes to your roof. Even the smallest piece of hail can be damaging to your roof’s shingles. It can also crack windows, damage cars, chip paint on your house or deck, and even cause tree branches to crack. The bigger the size of the hail, the more damage it can cause.

But don’t make the mistake of assuming that if you have smaller hail in your storm that it didn’t do any damages. Reach out to the best roofer in Des Moines right away to have them look at your roof and get an estimate on damages. Tears, dents, cracks, darkened dotted areas, and granule loss are all things they will be looking for.

Once damages have taken place, you may wonder, “Is there anything I can do?” The answer is yes, but unless you are the best roofer in Des Moines, it can be tough to know how to repair your roof or install a new roof.

The truth is that using the right products based on your specific roof, the weather, and experience are all good reasons why hiring a professional is the best way to go. Most insurance companies cover the cost of storm damage to your roof, so it’s a good idea to pick a residential roofing company in Des Moines who is helpful when it comes to insurance claims.


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