We know it’s still February here in Iowa, but before long we’ll be closing the book on winter and looking forward to another Midwest spring. After a winter season filled with freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, don’t be surprised if some of those things took a toll on your roof. As a leading Des Moines roofing company, our team at Robison Roofing has seen plenty of roofing issues caused by Mother Nature during the winter; so it’s important to make sure you’re ready for spring.

As we all know, spring brings severe weather, torrential rainfalls, occasional hail, gusty winds, and the threat of tornados throughout Iowa. If your home does not have a roof that is in good condition, it could suffer serious damages if a major weather event hits your neighborhood. Fortunately, you have a trusted roofing contractor in Des Moines, Robison Roofing, on your side.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your roof is fully prepared for spring in Des Moines.

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Your Des Moines Roofing Company Suggests, “Take Care of Any Overgrown Vegetation”

Overhanging branches of surrounding trees or tall plants might damage your roof. It is a good idea to prune back growth if it is too close to your dwelling. This can prevent limbs from falling on your roof and reduce the number of leaves that end up in your gutters. Pruning plants is often best done in the spring since it is beneficial for them, especially before they start to produce leaves and other foliage.


Next Up, Check the Flashing and Seals to Ensure There Are No Major Issues

Any reputable roofing contractor in Des Moines knows just how vital the flashing and seals are to the structural integrity of your roof and home. Flashing and seals are not the easiest items to see from the ground level, so they are frequently neglected by homeowners. However, just because you can’t see any issues, doesn’t mean they are in good condition.

Your roof’s flashing may corrode, degrade, or rust over time, and any damage to the flashing may cause leaks in your roof. Your spring roof checklist should include a quick inspection by your Des Moines roofing company to ensure that all seals, weatherproofing, and flashing are in excellent working order. Also, decking or underlayment that is exposed in any location has to be fixed right away to prevent more serious issues in the future.

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Contact Your Des Moines Roofing Company to Conduct an Attic Inspection

Your spring roof inspection is actually finished when you and your roofing contractor in Des Moines look at your roof from below. It is critical to get up there and touch your attic to make sure that no moisture is present. When looking for any potential leaks, you can usually spot them by finding obvious signs of water damage or stains that indicate a roof issue. An infestation of mold or mildew in your attic could also point to moisture exposure.

On a bright day, you might wish to investigate your attic. If sunlight is coming through your roof from above, you may be able to tell if there are any gaps that need to be repaired or covered. The attic is one of the most common areas of a home where roof leaks tend to appear.


Gutters: An Essential Component of a Healthy Roof

In our years of experience as a Des Moines roofing company, we have noticed that many people don’t consider their gutters to be part of their roof. We could get into the back and forth of whether gutters are or aren’t part of the roof, but there’s no need for that. All we know is that gutters play a vital role in keeping a roof structurally sound.

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As a leading roofing company in Des Moines, we know that gutters are responsible for diverting rain, ice, melted snow, or basically any type of moisture away from your roof and home. If your gutters have leaks or clogs, the water cannot get to the downspouts where it can be properly pushed away from your home.

Clogged gutters can cause water pooling, which can lead to rust or wood rot in some cases. Leaky gutters result in the water dripping straight down from the gutters to the foundation directly below the home. If water is continuously directed to the foundation, your home may end up with major structural issues. So if your Des Moines roofing company says that you need to clean or repair your gutters, it is wise to do so immediately!


Your Des Moines Roofing Company Says, Make Sure the Roofing Materials are Still in Good Condition

Here’s one last thing to check to make sure your roof is ready for spring; and it might be the most important: What about the roofing shingles? If there are any problems, like loose shingles or missing shingles on your roof, they will need to be replaced quickly. Damaged or missing shingles can quickly result in major leaks for any home.

Check the granule condition of your shingles as well; if not enough granules are present, the performance of your shingles will be significantly reduced. If there are missing granules throughout your roof, you may need a roof replacement as soon as possible to avoid costly water damage. If your roof is primarily made of other materials besides shingles, like metal for example, make sure all the panels are still secured, there are no rusted nails, and no leaks or holes are present.


At Robison Roofing, we are your trusted source for commercial roof repair in Des Moines. We provide fast and professional service for every kind of roof. Our team of professionals is here to service your roof from start to finish; we even provide residential roof repair in Des Moines.

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