A commercial contractor in Cedar Rapids can build a beautiful new building for you, but they can’t do everything for you. You have to choose at least the most rudimentary elements of your building’s design. Follow these tips to design the best commercial building for your needs.


Design Tip #1 – Commercial Contractor in Cedar Rapids: Know Exactly What You Need

Your architect and commercial contractor in Cedar Rapids can’t do their jobs well without the right information. Consider your building’s intended purpose, location, access points, size, and more. Walk through a few buildings similar to what you hope to build and take notes. Identify what you like, don’t like, and what features are your priority.


Design Tip #2 – Commercial Building in Cedar Rapids: Spend Time Developing a Detailed Budget

A detailed budget is essential for any commercial building project. Don’t just identify how much money you can spend on the entire project. Divide your budget into different parts. How much can you allot for the building, the parking lot, furniture, safety systems, and anything else specific to your business? You may need help from your commercial contractor in Cedar Rapids to finalize your budget.


Commercial Contractor in Cedar Rapids


Design Tip #3 – Work with an Experienced Commercial Contractor in Cedar Rapids

When working with a commercial contractor in Cedar Rapids, do your research. The best builders have extensive experience, trained crews, and connections to suppliers.


Design Tip #4 – Include an Efficient HVAC System

The best energy-efficient commercial HVAC systems require very specific accommodations in your building’s design. You can save time and money by including the HVAC system in your building’s initial design. A commercial contractor in Cedar Rapids can help.


Design Tip #5 – Plan for Functional Lighting

Good lighting is essential in any commercial building. Whenever possible, make provisions for natural light. This may include oversize windows, skylights, skylight belts, and more. When choosing artificial lighting, plan carefully. Lighting design is more complex than it may appear.


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Design Tip #6 – Choose the Location Carefully

A well-designed structure is of little consequence if it is difficult to access or locate on a map. Does your business rely on foot traffic or walk-ins? Are you building a warehouse that will produce a consistent flow of traffic? Take all those details into consideration before you break ground.


Design Tip #7 – Plan for Handicapped Access – Commercial Contractor in Cedar Rapids

Commercial buildings, especially those open to the public, require multiple provisions for handicapped access. This typically includes access ramps, wider doors, and special bathrooms. Speak to a commercial building designer for the exact requirements mandated by local and state laws.


Design Tip #8 – Consider Technology and Security Needs

For any commercial building project, consider the latest technology and security needs. This means considering data networks, surveillance systems, telephone systems, and other technological elements necessary for your building.


Commercial Contractor in Cedar Rapids


Design Tip #9 – Choose Sustainable Materials

Ask your commercial contractor in Cedar Rapids about using materials like bamboo, cork, or recycled wood to reduce your building’s carbon footprint. Additionally, investigate energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting for added savings. With careful planning, you can build an environmentally friendly structure that doesn’t break your budget. Ask a roofing company in Cedar Rapids for sustainable roofing options.


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