Fall Checklist from the Best Roofer in Iowa City–Autumn is a great time to do a maintenance review on your roof, just ask the best roofer in Iowa City. Not only is the weather perfect, but it’s also a great time because debris and leaves often accumulate on your roof in late fall. It is therefore best to perform a routine check in the fall.

By performing routine maintenance on your roof, you can identify issues before they worsen. What should I check this fall before the winter months arrive?

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Best Roofer in Iowa City: Clean and Check Your Gutters


Gutters are the unsung heroes of your home’s roofing system. They protect not only your roof but also the foundation of your home. Their main goal is to drain water from your roof and away from your home. Gutters keep your basement from flooding and protect nearby landscaping from flooding and killing your bushes and nearby plants.


However, because of storms and leaves falling, your roof can accumulate sticks, seeds, and other debris. All of these items can eventually fall into your guttering system. When this happens, they can cause clogs and make it harder for water to flow away from your home. This can result in water pooling around the bottom of your roof, causing decay, mold, and other unnecessary problems. Make sure and call the best roofer in Iowa City right away if you notice a clog and can’t get to it.


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Best Roofer in Iowa City: Replace Shingles


Although shingles are fairly durable over a long period of time, they are not meant to last forever. Age and weather elements cause shingles to break down and eventually need replaced. Roofing companies in Iowa City recommend replacing shingles that are curled, damaged, torn, or even missing completely. You will notice if your tiles are curling because the edge will literally curl up, which is caused by normal wear or cheap material.


If you notice missing shingles, this means you are in danger of a leaking roof in Iowa City. Any area with missing shingles means there is almost no protection from moisture such as rain or snow. When you notice missing shingles, call a residential roof repair company in Iowa City to properly address the issue. If you have torn shingles, it can also cause leakage in your home.

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Best Roofer in Iowa City: Check on Your Flashings


This is often a forgotten part of the roof that homeowners and business owners overlook regularly. If you own a business with a commercial flat roof in Iowa City, check the flashings that seal the membranes of your roof. This will ensure that you will not have a leaking roof in Iowa City. Water leaks can damage the contents inside your building and possibly halt business activities until the leak can be fixed.


Contact Robison for commercial roof repair in Iowa City and to avoid more damage and save you money. If you own a home, it is equally important to check the flashings. It is fairly common for flashings to fail by breaking a seal or getting small holes that can lead to leaks over time. As one of the top roofing companies in Iowa City, we can answer your questions regarding issues with your flashing.


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Best Roofer in Iowa City: Check Your Attic


Your attic can hold some key pieces of evidence as to whether your roof is in good shape or not, according to best roofer in Iowa City. Fall is a great time to check your attic because the extreme heat and cold aren’t a factor. You can easily climb a ladder and inspect your roof while in your attic. Check for signs of animals by looking for animal droppings, nests, chew marks, and other evidence that an animal might be making your attic their home.


Next, check for watermarks or signs of mold in your attic. You should not see any stains by water or black mold accumulating on the attic roof or in the insulation. Many people make the mistake of not removing the insulation to see what’s behind it. With gloves, a flashlight, and a mask, make sure and pull back the insulation to check for signs of mold or water. If you see something suspicious, call a residential roof repair company in Iowa City right away to avoid future damage.


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Best Roofer in Iowa City:Have A Professional Roofer Look at Your Roof


Hire a the best roofer in Iowa City to come do a free quote on your roof. A trusted roofer will inspect for signs of damage, give you a repair checklist, and an estimate on charges. Even the most knowledgeable homeowners can miss signs of damage if they aren’t experts in roofing.


There are some areas of the home where it makes sense to work on yourself to save money, but your roof is not one of those areas. It is the main protector of everything in your home and should be handled by professionals.  If your roof is older or you notice damage, hire Robison, one of the top roofing companies in Iowa City, to give you a detailed look at your roof. Doing this is essential in making it through the winter without major damage to your home.

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Best Roofer in Iowa City: Trim all Trees and Shrubs Away from Your Roof


Homeowners often think trees above your home are good because they offer a layer of protection from the hot sun. However, when you consider the number of leaves, seeds, and branches that end up damaging your roof over time, the dangers clearly outweigh the benefits. It also means that during a strong Midwest storm, it often can cause a large branch to break off and land on top of your roof and cause extensive damage.


At Robison, one of the roofing companies in Iowa City, we offer both residential and commercial roof repairs and replacements. Our team of experienced roofers, insurance claim specialists, and friendly staff are excited to help you get your roof back in tip-top shape and ready for the harsh Iowa winter.



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