A Commercial Contractor in Mount Vernon Explains Common Problems with Flat Roofs–Commercial roofing is very different than residential roofing for many reasons. The first is that the majority of commercial roofs are flat, while residential roofs have slopes. Because of this, different roofing materials are used, which creates different problems. According to roofing companies in Mount Vernon, the following are four of the most common problems that flat roofs encounter.

1. Pooling Water

Because a flat roof is, well, flat, it makes it difficult for rain and snow to drain. If a flat roof becomes damaged in any way, water with nowhere to go eventually starts forming small little ponds. As you can probably assume, pooling water on a flat roof will lead to additional problems, including roof leaks and algae growth. If you own a commercial building with a flat roof, you can easily avoid this by hiring roofing companies in Mount Vernon to come out at least once a year to inspect the roof.


2. Debris Build Up

Along with water, the lack of a slope on flat roofs also makes it difficult for debris to go anywhere. Where debris on a sloped roof can fall off relatively easily, debris on a flat roof will require you or roofing companies in Mount Vernon, to manually clear it. This build-up of debris can also potentially block drainage access if not moved, ultimately damaging the underneath roof layers.

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3. Leaks

Leaks can obviously arise on any roof, regardless of if the roof is flat or sloped. However, leaks may form more easily on a flat roof than a sloped roof. Everything from debris build-up, pooling water, buckling, and poor installation are all factors that can contribute to a roof leak, according to a commercial contractor in Mount Vernon.


4. Alligatoring

Yep, you read that right. Now the term “alligatoring” doesn’t mean a flat roof attracts alligators. Alligatoring refers to the cracking and bubbling of flat roofs that eventually resemble alligator skin. Funny, huh? This is a very common problem that a commercial contractor in Mount Vernon sees among roofs that don’t receive annual inspections. An alligatored roof that’s left untreated will only get worse and lead you to need a new roof in Mount Vernon.


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