#1 North Liberty Roofing Company: Astonishing Tips on Installing Holiday Decorations–Enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents of the holiday season with friends and family is made possible during the Christmas season. Things to look forward to include family time, movies, Christmas cookies, and the sound of Santa’s bells.

Christmas is also a great time to give a fun gift to everyone in the neighborhood so they can enjoy it for the entire season and show them how much you love the holidays. Spreading holiday cheer by decking up your home’s exterior with Christmas lights is a popular practice, and understandably so. Robison, a North Liberty roofing company, is aware that a well-made Christmas display is not only enchanting but also a fantastic way to create a big impression in your community.

However, there are safe ways to install Christmas lights and decorations on your roof; and there are some not-so-safe ways to do so. You always want to go the safe route, both for your safety and your home’s safety. There are ways to protect both your Iowa home and roof from danger and here are a few ideas to consider when you are going to climb onto your roof to decorate.


North Liberty Roofing Company: Make Sure You Use a Sturdy Ladder

Accidents are common when people do not place a ladder on flat ground. The higher you go, the more unstable you are, and the center of gravity becomes increasingly important.

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Also, consider that when you are hanging lights, you are often stretching and lunging off the ladder to reach the maximum area with your arms. This means that your ladder could easily tip. Make sure your ladder is free from water, is in tip-top shape and is on level ground before you climb.


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North Liberty Roofing Company: Install the Lights During Warmer Weather

Many people wait until winter weather has settled in before they think about Christmas lights. But the best roofer in North Liberty does most of their roof repairs and replacements on the warmer weather days. Flat ground can be slick during cold weather, so can you imagine climbing on a sloped roof on a wet or snowy day? Even a roof repair company in North Liberty tries to avoid days when there is bad weather.

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It is even a good idea to hang the clips for your lights ahead of time. If you aren’t ready for the lights, but the weather is nice, go ahead and get your clips in place. That way when you get ready for the Christmas season, all you have to do is string the lights. It’s less time on the ladder, less reaching, and less work overall.


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North Liberty Roofing Company: Wear the Right Shoes to Do the Job Safely

When people climb up on the roof using a ladder, they often don’t anticipate how high it is and how difficult it can be. This is why so many people call a roof repair company in North Liberty when they have a leaking roof instead of doing it themselves.

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Wearing the right kind of shoes can help make things safer for you. Consider a shoe that has nonslip soles, like heavy-duty work boots or tennis shoes. The best roofer in North Liberty knows just how important shoes are to your overall safety, especially when walking climbing a ladder or walking on a roof.

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Do not ever go barefoot or wear slip-ons! They might get caught on something which can result in falls or injuries.


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North Liberty Roofing Company: Use Gutter and Shingle Clips for Your Lights

This is a relatively new invention that has saved many homeowners from having to call a roof repair company in North Liberty. When you use clips, there is no need to hammer nails into your roofing system anymore! Clips can also be put onto your guttering system instead of your roof, which will protect your roof from damage.


Just be careful how much weight you put onto your guttering system, as it’s not designed to hold much. Ice dams and clogs are two of the most common causes of gutter damage. Therefore, it’s important to make sure water and moisture have a clear path to run off the roof and away from the house via the gutter.

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There should be nothing blocking water runoff when you survey your roof. If you see any damage while you are putting up or taking down Christmas décor, make sure and reach out to your roof repair company in North Liberty to address these problems.


North Liberty Roofing Company: Be Careful How You Walk on Your Roof

If you have a bunch of people walking around on your roof, it increases the likelihood of shingle damage, broken seals, or diminishing their strength. A roof repair company in North Liberty, like Robison, knows that roof damage can be excessive if it isn’t fixed immediately by the best roofer in North Liberty.

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If you hire a Christmas light hanging company, you want to make sure that you review their processes. How they hang your lights is important so you can keep your roof system in great shape and avoid a leaking roof in North Liberty.

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You also want to make sure and examine the roof after they hang your lights to make sure they didn’t use nails on your shingles or anything else that could cause damage in any way. Sometimes, the sealant can detach a shingle or two that was already needing repair. However, when the sealant breaks away, it leaves your roof exposed to the elements.

If these damages require residential roof repair in North Liberty, give Robison a call to fix the issue.


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