6 Things to Expect When Having Your Roof Replaced By a Roofing Company in Des Moines — When a roofing company in Des Moines arrives at your home to begin the removal of your old roof and installation of a new roof, do you know what to expect? The best roofer in Des Moines will handle almost everything for you, but it is still best to be prepared. Consider the following suggestions the next time you get a new roof or have commercial roof repair in Des Moines.


#1 – Yes. It will be noisy.

The roofing crew from your roofing company in Des Moines will be using roofing hammers and nail guns to tear off the old roof and install the new roof. You may hear loud banging, but that is normal.


#2 – It may take multiple days to complete the job.

Depending on the size of your roof and other factors, such as weather, roofing crews may need several days to finish the roof replacement. Nonetheless, your roofer should define a time frame before the job begins. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need further clarification.


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#3 – Don’t be alarmed by roofing debris.

Roofing teams are experienced and will do their best to keep the roofing debris contained and clean up after themselves. However, you should expect debris around your property during roof installation and removal.


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#4 – Expect a large construction dumpster to be delivered the day before.

This is necessary for roofers to dispose of roofing shingles, nails, and other debris. You should also expect the roofer to properly remove all materials when the job is complete, or else you may be required to have them removed by a separate company. A large dumpster is almost a necessity for any major roofing project.


#5 – The foreman should show you the completed work.

Your roofing company in Des Moines should take pride in their work and make sure that you are satisfied with the roof replacement. Your roofer may ask for your signature on a roof warranty before finishing the job, but be sure to look over the roof yourself first and point out any discrepancies or issues that need to be addressed.


#6 – It is best to park your cars in your garage or down the street.

It is common for roofers to use the roof of your home and driveway as makeshift workspaces, which means that roofing materials and tools may be nearby. With this in mind, it is best to keep your cars safely away from the roof until it is complete. This ensures that your vehicles are a safe distance away from flying debris or items that may potentially fall or be thrown from your roof.


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