The Best Roofer in Mount Vernon Covers 6 Important Topics on Drone Inspections — Roof inspections have been conducted manually by roofing companies in Mount Vernon the same way for years. A roofer climbs on your roof and inspects the shingles, flashing, and any possible water damage. Because not all roofs are in the proper condition to be walked on, making manual roof inspections can be a dangerous task. Some roofs are higher than others, causing labor and costs to rise when work needs to be assessed. So, could drones be the future of roof inspections?

Drones have been a significant advancement in the world of technology. From transforming the way, we assess weather patterns to providing a new way of delivering Amazon packages, drones continue to change the world. Another way drones are changing the game is with possible inspections for roofing companies in Mount Vernon.

The Best Roofer in Mount Vernon Asks, Are Drones the Future?

There are many benefits for the best roofer in Mount Vernon should they choose to use drones for inspections.


As mentioned above, manual roof inspections can be relatively risky for employees. Falls are one of the leading causes of serious injury in the roofing and construction industry. Fortunately, a drone provides a safer alternative by not requiring a person to climb on top of the roof, which helps reduce the risk of falling.

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More Accurate Data

Manual inspections conducted by a residential roofing company in Mount Vernon are subject to human error. With today’s improvements in technology, drones can provide much more data and information at an even more accurate rate. As of January 2020, drones can capture detailed images, PDF reports, and measurements within minutes. You can only imagine what they will be able to do in just a couple of years.

In and Out Inspections 

A manual inspection conducted by the best roofer in Mount Vernon takes time. From setting up ladders and harnesses to writing the report, manual inspections may not always be the most time-efficient method. A drone, however, cuts off a considerable amount of time while keeping roofers safe and yielding precise data in seconds.

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Up-to-Date With Technology

Technology is advancing faster than ever, and up-to-date companies are often viewed as more authoritative within their industry. Using drones for roof inspections will likely instill a sense of trust and value in homeowners.

Drones are the Future

As you can see, drones are safer for the best roofer in Mount Vernon. They deliver accurate data, conduct quick inspections, and prove that a roofing company is technologically advanced. Whether you are just one of the many roofing companies in Mount Vernon or a homeowner, don’t be alarmed when you start to see more and more drones conduct roof inspections shortly.


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