The Best Roofer in Iowa City Talks Proactive Roofing Plans in 2022 — Are you a procrastinator? Do you put off things until the very last minute? It is okay to put off things now and then, but when it comes to your roof, you should be wary of waiting. When your roof experiences damage – big or small – roofing companies in Iowa City will tell you never put off a roof repair.

At Robison, we are considered by many as the best roofer in Iowa City. Our roofing professionals recommend that our clients always be proactive when it comes to their roofs. Here’s what a proactive roofing plan looks like:


 A Proactive Roofing Plan Starts with An Annual Roof Inspection

If you decide to be proactive by doing just one thing, we suggest receiving a yearly roof inspection. By getting an annual inspection by the best roofer in Iowa City, you can always be sure that your roof is in excellent condition. Additionally, an inspection also allows for any damage to be repaired promptly.


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The Best Roofer in Iowa City Says, Conduct a Self-Inspection After the Storm 

When a harsh storm sweeps through your area, whether it’s rain, wind, or a snowstorm, it is always a good idea to complete an inspection. This is something that can easily be self-assessed. Things to look for include missing shingles, granules in the downspouts, hail damage, lifted shingles, and damaged flashing. These are a lot of the common issues that a roofing contractor in Iowa City sees on a regular basis.


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Repair Damage Right Away 

Whether you have the best roofer in Iowa City inspect your roof or you do it yourself, repairing any damage right away is crucial. The longer you wait to take action, the more damage you risk occurring to your roof system. Additionally, if you choose to neglect damage on your roof, your insurance company may not cover it. Once you see the damage, we suggest calling one of the best roofing companies in Iowa City for roof repair as soon as possible.


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