The Best Roofer in Iowa City on the Benefits of Composite Roofing in 2022 — If you’ve recently decided that it’s time to research different roofing companies in Iowa City to replace your roof, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of roofing materials available on the market. One you may have heard of is what’s known as composite, or synthetic, roofing. There are many benefits of composite roofing that we feel are important for you to know about when making your decision.


What Is Composite

Composite is a blend of materials that include fiberglass, polyester, plastic, recycled paper, and asphalt to create a product that resembles traditional shingles.




  • Durability – Quite possibly the most important feature you want in a roof is durability. A significant advantage of composite roofing, when appropriately installed by roofing companies in Iowa City, is that it will not crack or peel! Additionally, it can withstand up to 110 mph winds and has a Class A fire rating. If a strong storm comes through your area, you can feel safe knowing your composite roof has a strong reputation.


  • Fade Resistant – If color is important to you in a roof, roofing companies in Iowa City will recommend composite roofing materials. Fading is very common, and over time, exposure from the sun will cause natural roofing material to discolor and look old. On the other hand, synthetic material is designed to outlast all other roofing materials with fade-free protection.


  • Amazing Warranty – Due to the incredible durability and qualities of composite material, many manufacturers offer amazing warranties. For example, DaVinci Roofscapes offers a lifetime warranty on their products!


  • Environmentally Friendly – Because recycled materials are blended into composite roofing, it makes it an environmentally friendly option. The long lifespan and warranty of synthetic materials also help reduce your environmental footprint.


With these advantages, it’s evident as to why the best roofer in Iowa City prefers composite roofing. Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, which is why you need not only the best material, but also the best roofer in Iowa City to install it. To learn more about composite roofing, talk with our team of professionals at Robison. For residential roof repair in Iowa City  or a premier roofing contractor in Iowa City, give us a call today.


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