Summer 2023 Roof Maintenance Advice from Your Reliable Commercial Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids — 

The summer months are ideal for performing urgent roof repair work. You can avoid any damage and make sure your roof stays in excellent condition by taking advantage of longer days and better weather. In order to keep your roof in top shape this summer, Robison – a top commercial roofing company in Cedar Rapids – is here to provide you some helpful advice.


Examine the Condition of Your Roof

To begin, carefully examine your roof to find any indications of wear or damage. Check for broken or cracked tiles, missing or damaged shingles, and any other obvious problems that require correction. Consider hiring one of the many roofing companies in Cedar Rapids, like Robison, to conduct a professional inspection if you don’t feel confident performing this task on your own or don’t have the required safety gear.


Our Commercial Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids Says, Examine the Seals and Flashings

Due to their frequent exposure to changing temperatures and the environment, the flashings around vents, chimneys, and skylights are especially prone to leaks. Examine these areas for any indications of rust, damage, or sealant gaps. To avoid water damage and expensive repairs, it’s critical to fix any issues as soon as you see them.


Maintain Your Downspouts and Gutters

Water can back up in your gutters and downspouts, infiltrate under your roofing materials, and cause rot, mold, and other damage. To guarantee appropriate drainage during the summer, be sure to routinely clean your gutters and downspouts.

As a leading commercial roofing company in Cedar Rapids, we suggest checking for any signs of damage or drooping while clearing away any leaves, twigs, and other debris. To lessen gutter cleaning requirements and shield your gutters from accumulation of dirt, think about putting gutter guards as well.


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Cut Back Tree Branches That Hang Over

During summer storms, overhanging tree branches can be quite dangerous to your roof because they can break off and cause damage. They can also make it simple for rodents and other pests to enter your attic or roof, where they might be searching to build nests. Trim back any branches that are too close to your property and keep a safe distance between your roof and the trees around it in order to safeguard your roof.


Insulate and Air-Condition Your Attic

A healthy roof needs adequate attic ventilation and insulation to remain functional throughout the summer. Your roof will last longer if your attic is properly ventilated since it lowers the danger of shingle damage and heat accumulation. Additionally, good insulation keeps your building’s temperature constant, lowering energy expenditures and enhancing comfort levels inside.

For a thorough evaluation, get in touch with a Cedar Rapids commercial roofing company, like Robison, if you’re unclear of the condition of your attic ventilation and insulation.


Keep an Eye Out for Mold and Mildew

The perfect environment for the growth of mold and mildew on your roof can be produced by warm, humid weather. These flaws may result in rot, wear & tear, and even health risks for building inhabitants. Look for mold or mildew on your roof, and then take action to fix the issue as soon as you can.

As an experienced commercial roofing company in Cedar Rapids, our team at Robison knows how to take action against these risks. Cleaning the impacted areas, increasing airflow, or using a mold-resistant treatment are some examples of how to accomplish this.


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Plan Routine Roof Maintenance

For your roof to last longer and to prevent expensive repairs, routine maintenance is crucial. You can make sure that your roof stays in excellent shape all through the summer and beyond by setting up routine maintenance with a reliable commercial roofing company in Cedar Rapids like Robison.

Inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs are often included in a professional maintenance plan that is created just for your roofing system and requirements.


Our Cedar Rapids Commercial Roofing Company Says, Always Be Storm-Ready

Summer storms can seriously harm your roof, especially if it is already compromised. Take measures to strengthen weak spots on your roof, such as installing hurricane clips, fixing loose shingles or tiles, and making sure your gutter system is working properly, to safeguard it during storm season.

Have a strategy in place for storm damage management, including knowing who to contact for urgent repairs and having the required insurance coverage.


Think About a Roof Coating

A roof coating can add an additional layer of defense against the intense summer sun and contribute to the longevity of your roof. Coatings come in a variety of materials, such as silicone, acrylic, and elastomeric, and they can provide advantages including higher energy efficiency, improved water resistance, and increased durability.

To ascertain whether a roof coating is appropriate for your particular roofing system and demands, speak with an experienced commercial roofing company in Cedar Rapids, such as Robison.


Make Repairs Right Away

It’s critical to treat any damage or wear to your roof as soon as you see it during your summer maintenance regimen. Delaying repairs increases the likelihood of further damage, higher repair costs, and possible danger to the residents and structure of the building.


To ensure that your roof stays in excellent condition throughout the summer and beyond, get in touch with a reliable roofing contractor in Cedar Rapids as soon as you notice any issues.


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In order to prolong the life and performance of your roof, we at Robison know how crucial summer maintenance is. As a top commercial roofing company in Cedar Rapids, our group provides thorough maintenance services catered to your unique requirements and roofing system.

Contact Robison right now to set up your summer roof maintenance and take comfort in knowing that your roof is in capable hands. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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