A Roofing Company in Tiffin Lists 3 Important Reasons to Keep Your Roof Structurally Sound — Having a healthy roof is essential to the health of your home. It is common for people to go years without checking up on their roofs. This is a significant mistake because leaks can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a matter of minutes. Therefore, having a residential roofing company in Tiffin check up on your roof at least once a year can save you money and avoid a long list of problems in the future.

As a premier Tiffin roofing company, we’re here to answer the question, “Why is a healthy roof so important?”

1. A Roofing Company in Tiffin Explains How a New Roof Increases Your Home’s Value.

Your roof is a massive part of protecting your home. It shields away outdoor elements like rain, snow, ice, sleet, and hail. A roof is expensive to replace, so having a new roof is a huge perk for buyers that are looking at homes.

Not only is it a key selling feature, but it will increase your home’s value significantly, depending on the size of your home. If you are looking at selling your home soon and want to impress your buyers, call a residential roofing company in Tiffin to replace your roof or schedule residential roof repair in Tiffin to better your chances of selling it at top value.

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2. A Roofing Company in Tiffin Explains How Your Roof Protects the Interior of Your Home.

If you have ever had leaking or a flooding roof, you will never forget it. Water that leaks into your home can ruin everything in its path. If water can leak into your home’s interior, it can ruin your drywall, ceilings, furniture, and other valuable items in your home. Often these items must be replaced entirely, like electronics and furniture. If water has leaked into your walls and ceilings, it’s likely that a building contractor in Tiffin will need to tear out these areas of your home completely and redo them.

It often isn’t as simple as letting it dry out because one tiny mold spore can spread quickly. Once mold occurs, it usually takes a professional to get rid of it fully. Mold removal needs to be done by a professional to avoid exposure to dangerous air that can cause health issues if inhaled. This can be very costly to the homeowner, not to mention, the massive inconvenience that it causes.

If it’s a slow leak that was caused by a hailstorm and you are unaware of it, that leak can eventually grow into a mold issue that can be both dangerous to your health and cause more extensive damage than what appears. Therefore, it’s essential to call a residential roofing company in Tiffin right away after a storm, even if you don’t see any large signs of wear and tear.

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3. A Roofing Company in Tiffin Explains How a New Roof is Energy Efficient

Making sure your roof is both ventilated properly and insulated is very important. Having an excessive amount of heat with no ventilation can be damaging to your home. When humidity and moisture build up with nowhere to go, it can begin to degrade the wood and the structure holding up your roof.

A residential roofing company in Tiffin can easily spot an issue with your ventilation and fix it. Likewise, insulation can keep warm air inside during the winter months and your air conditioning inside during the summer. Having efficient insulation will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in electric bills over the life of your roof.

It’s important to view your roof as a system of your home. The roof itself is important, but other parts of the roofing system must be in great shape for it to do its job. One critical component of any roof is the guttering system, according to a roofing company in Tiffin.

Your gutters attach to the bottom of your roof to catch the water that drains off the roof and redirect it away from your home. If your gutters are full of debris, then water sits at the base of the roof, causing issues like mold and wood rot. This means your roof will begin to leak and degrade over time, which can damage the home’s interior and exterior.

Make sure that your gutters not only drain but also redirect the water far enough away from your home’s foundation that it protects the area around your home. Many people make the mistake of not draining the water at least 5 feet from the foundation. If you fail to do so, water can pool around the foundation of your home, causing leaks and pressure damage. It can also negatively affect landscaping, trees, bushes, and flowers near your home.


It’s important to notice warning signs that your roof might have issues. This is a great time to call a residential roofing company in Tiffin right away. Untreated issues can jeopardize your roof and many other aspects of your home. Reach out to one of our professionals today to make your roofing concerns a thing of the past.


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