Insulating Your Attic for Your New Skylight in Tiffin–A roofing company in Tiffin asks if you are you considering installing a skylight in your home. Adding a skylight can not only brighten up a room, but it can also provide airflow and cost savings. However, improperly installed skylights can lead to loss of insulation and sensitivity to damage.

That’s why it is crucial to ensure that your attic insulation is up to par before installing a skylight. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of insulating your attic before adding a skylight to your Tiffin home and provide tips on choosing the right insulation for your needs.Roofing Company in Tiffin

A roofing company in Tiffin explains adding insulation to your attic helps your roof, whether you have a residential home or a commercial flat roof in Tiffin. Not only does it protect your home from high electric bills by keeping it hot and cold in the appropriate season, but it also protects your roof from expansion and shrinking on your roof sealant. If you do not have the proper insulation or if you have gaps in your insulation, it won’t be as effective as it should be; according to a metal roofing company in Tiffin.

Before you go and buy insulation, you should know there are several types. Choosing the right one for your house depends greatly on your type of roof, explains a metal roofing company in Tiffin. The size of your attic also matters and what part of the country your home is in. Here are the top three common types of insulation in the Midwest for your home according to experts on roof repair in Tiffin:Roofing Company in Tiffin

  • Spray Foam – This is one of the most common types of attic insulation because it easily gets into every nook and cranny of your attic’s interior. It can expand and harden into a solid, making it the most ideal for covering every surface and for keeping hot and cold air inside. A roofing company in Tiffin knows that one downside of this prevalent and versatile material is it is the costliest to install.

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  • Blanket Insulation – This is also a very common type of insulation for walls and attics because it is very effective. It comes in rolled-up sheets that are precut to fit between studs perfectly. They easily roll over pipes and other oddly shaped objects. A roofing company in Tiffin explains although it is cost-effective, it isn’t easy to install safely. If you choose to lay this insulation, make sure you wear a protective mask, gloves, and protective clothes to guarantee that all exposed skin is covered and protected.

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  • Foam Boards – This type of insulation comes in precut sheets, so they fit great between ceiling joints. This is also a lower-cost option compared to some other forms of insulation. If foam boards happen to get wet because of a leaking roof in Tiffin, they can dry quite quickly, which is an added benefit. Foam boards are easy to install but do not have the insulation efficiency that compares to the other forms of insulation listed above.


Once you decide on the type of insulation, you need to look at the R-Value. This is the most crucial piece to picking out the insulation for your attic. An R-rating is a measurement that shows the rate of the flow of heat in your attic. The R-rating value dramatically affects the energy costs in your home. The rating will vary depending on what part of the region you live in, according to a building contractor in Tiffin.

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Can I Have a Skylight Installed on my New Roof in Tiffin?

Skylights have gone back and forth and being a trendy option to a not-so-trendy choice, according to roofing companies in Tiffin. They are gaining popularity once again because they do have some benefits. It is a risky decision because if they are installed incorrectly, they can be a huge disaster for homeowners. However, if installed correctly, they can be a beautiful and practical addition to any home.

At Robison we know there are many options you can add to a new roof in Tiffin. We have a list of things to consider if you are in the market for a skylight to brighten your home.


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A roofing company in Tiffin explains skylights allow for extra lighting to come into a room that may seem dark or lacks regular wall windows. They let in a much more significant amount of light than traditional wall windows, making skylights an obvious choice for homeowners to brighten up a dark space. Additional light in a space can improve one’s mood and transform a space. Skylights can turn a previously neglected room into the most popular room in the house.


It Allows for Airflow for Your New Roof in TiffinRoofing Company in Tiffin

Often when a home lacks windows, there is a lack of airflow, and the air can seem stagnant and stuffy. When you can open a skylight window, you allow fresh air to flow throughout your house, freshening up the space. This also allows the ability to push off turning on the air conditioner as it can create a cool breeze to blow through your home easier and more efficiently.


It Can Save You Money

When you can delay turning on the air conditioner, even if it’s just for two weeks, that can save you a big chunk of money over time. Likewise, the sun shining can warm the space in the winter, taking it from a cold dark room to one filled with sun and warmth. That means you can turn the thermostat down lower in the winter, which also saves you money.



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Loss of Insulation

If you do not have a skylight professionally installed by a metal roofing company in Tiffin, it can lead to loss of heat and air conditioning in your home. It is essential that you have a professional installer to ensure that you are using top-of-the-line installation and equipment. Make sure and research the best windows on the market and read customer reviews to make sure you get a high-quality window.

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Wrong Placement on Your New Roof in Tiffin

There is a place on your roof that is the ideal spot for a skylight. For instance, you do not want to install a window where the sun shines directly into your eyes in the room you are using. This can defeat the purpose of wanting to be in the room and use it more. Making sure it’s placed in a spot with access to some sun, but not direct sunlight.

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It Is More Sensitive to Damage Than Roofing Materials

This means that if you have a large tree over your house and directly over your new skylight, it can cause scratching and damage to the window over time. In the case of a major storm, a tree branch can actually fall through and shatter the glass. In the Midwest, the danger of hail and the need for roof repair in Tiffin might happen. Additionally, if you don’t have the skylight installed by a professional, you lend yourself to getting a leaking roof in Tiffin.

Some roofs are better equipped to getting a skylight installed than others. Truss framed roofs are difficult to install a skylight on and can make the roof less sturdy when it comes to durability. Stick-framed roofs are better for skylight installation as there is plenty of room to put a window between each rafter. Ask your local A roofing company in Tiffin explains to help you identify what kind of roof structure you have and if it would be possible to install a skylight for your space.


Some Other Options to Consider:

Your grandmother’s skylight isn’t the type of window that people are getting installed today. There are so many options for modern skylights that have a great deal of functionality, according to the roofing companies in Tiffin. What are some of these modern features to consider?

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  • Glass Glazing – Glass glazing makes your glass cleaner and less scratch resistant. This is important when you have small branches, leaves, and seeds falling onto your roof. This coating makes your glass have a lower emission rating which is ideal. It also offers the ability to hold in heat in the winter and block UV rays in the summer.


  • Opening and Closing Flexibility – You now have the option to be able to open and close your skylight window. This means if you lack windows on your wall, you can still let fresh air into your home. There are options for a hand crank or even a motorized option you can open and close from your chair. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to get a ladder out every time you want to open and close your skylight window.

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  • Window Tinting – Window tinting does offer light to come into a dark space but avoids the harsh lighting that can come with the sun. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to skylight lighting. The tinting also provides a layer of privacy that makes it an ideal choice if you are worried about people looking inside.


  • Skylight Shades and Covers – Some new skylights offer shades that can open and close to give both privacy open lighting when needed. These come in many varieties, which makes options endless when it comes to color and style.

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