Get Your Roof Ready for Fall with a Roofing Company in North LibertyFall is a great time of year in the Midwest for making sure your roof is ready for the long and cold winter months. To stay prepared, we recommend scheduling an inspection with a roofing company in North Liberty, like Robison.


Many things can affect the sturdiness of your roof. Here are a few factors to consider when thinking about your roof and common roofing problems that occur in Iowa.


Roofing Company in North Liberty — Damage from Excess Heat and Sun Exposure

Summer months are often sweltering in North Liberty. Sunlight and ultraviolet rays on your roof can eventually lead to the breakdown of roofing materials. Caulking can deteriorate when exposed to constant heat and may need to be reapplied as needed.


Roofing adhesive and roof cement are roughly in the same boat as far as life span, and these materials need to be periodically replaced. This type of decay is difficult to see from the ground until there is major damage. This is why it’s so important to have a professional roofing company in North Liberty take a closer look at your roof and provide a thorough inspection.

Roofing Company in North Liberty 

Roofing Company in North Liberty — Preparing for Chilly Temperatures

Cold weather is on its way, and it’s not the ideal time to check for roof damage unless you need help from roofing companies in North Liberty. Being on any sloped surface during cold, icy, or snowy conditions is unsafe for any roof repair projects.


It’s better to catch a problem earlier in the year when it’s much safer to be on the roof, and the materials have optimal drying temperatures to assure a good seal. Walking on the roof during cold weather can actually crack the shingles and flashings since they are not as flexible during freezing temperatures.


Roofing Company in North LibertyIf you decide to do a quick inspection yourself, here are some warning signs that there might be roof damage that needs addressed before winter comes:

  • Large amounts of granules flaking off your shingles
  • Your insulation near the roof in your attic is damp or wet
  • You notice water stains on the inside of your roof
  • You can see or smell mold
  • Visibly dripping water


Although most of these signs seem obvious, unless you get up in the attic or climb up onto your roof, you will likely not notice any roof damage. This is why it’s a great idea to hire an roofing Company in North Liberty. It both assures that your roof is fully ready to protect your home over a long winter and makes it a safer environment for inspection when you hire roofing companies in North Liberty.


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