4 Ways to Identify a Bad Roofing Job, According to a Top Roofing Company in North LibertyWhen you see that your roof needs a repair or a replacement, immediately you begin to ask questions in your mind. What needs to be fixed? How do I fix it? What company do I use? Can I trust them? These are common questions that people ask when trying to find a roofing company in North Liberty.

Everyone has heard the horror stories of a roofing job that goes terribly wrong. Having a faulty roof can lead to a whole host of major problems to your home that are costly and hard to fix, including mold, water damage, electrical fires, and even a total loss. With a few helpful hints, you can quickly spot a poor roofing job and shift to hiring the best roofing company in North Liberty for your roof and home. Here are a few tips:


Roofing Company in North Liberty — #1 You Notice Visible Sagging

Sagging roofs are easy to identify because you can visibly see a dip in the line of sight. This is usually caused by a framing problem that should have been identified when the old roof was removed. If you notice sagging, it’s time to call a roofing company in North Liberty.


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Roofing Company in North Liberty — #2 A No Drip Edge Was Installed

A drip edge is installed when you get a new roof to protect the wood on the underside of the roof. Water funnels down the roof and comes off the edge of the drip edge making sure water is moved away from the roof and the house. If this piece of the roof’s infrastructure is not installed properly, it can cause visible damage. These damages could be rotting wood, noticeable staining, or growing mold. You might also have significant damage, such as a flooded basement or water pooling around your foundation.


#3 Your Roofing Company in North Liberty Can’t Produce a License or Insurance

Every roofing company in North Liberty should have a business license and insurance that guarantees competency and coverage for any damages. Choosing a roofer that does not have insurance means that if there is any damage done, they are not liable. You would be liable for anything that happens during the project.


Many homeowners might think about this risk as small in comparison to the savings of getting a new roof in Johnson County. However, if you weigh the risk, hiring an insured roofer is the right route to go. You could be stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages if one thing goes wrong.


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Roofing Company in North Liberty — #4 Your Roofer Can’t Provide References

This should be a huge red flag if you hire a roofing company in North Liberty to replace your roof. If they won’t let you see or talk to references or past jobs, then that shows a lack of credibility. If the company has been in the area for an extended time, it should have plenty of jobs on its resume with a track record of excellence.


Don’t be afraid to ask for a list of projects or references when you are looking to hire a contractor. It’s also a good idea to check with the better business bureau for reports or ask around your community about the specific roofer you plan to hire.


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