8 Fantastic Facts About Drip Edges from a Roofing Company in North LibertyDo you know what a drip edge is? Probably not. In this article we will cover all you need to know about drip edges. Drip edges are metal sheets that your roofing company in North Liberty installs at the edge of your roof. They are shaped like an “L” and direct water away from your roof’s fascia and into the gutters.


Without a drip edge on your roof, water can end up beneath your shingles, causing leaks and other damage. Drip edges are relatively easy for a professional at a roofing company in North Liberty to install. At Robison, our trained professionals can answer your questions about drip edges.


Why Should You Ask a Roofing Company in North Liberty to Install a Drip Edge for Your Roof?

A roofing company in North Liberty will install drip edges onto your roof for two main purposes:


Roofing Company in North Liberty-Direct Water Away from Your Roof

Water droplets stick to one another and the surfaces that they land on. A drip edge is designed to drain water away from your roof, making it less likely for the water to seep in and cause leaks and other damage.


Roofing Company in North Liberty-Protect Against Wind-Driven Rain

Drip edges also help protect your roof from hard, wind-driven rain. A drip edge helps reduce the speed of wind that hits your roof and can help keep shingles from flying off.


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What Are Drip Edges Made From, According to a Roofing Company in North Liberty ?

There are many different materials that a drip edge can be made from. But, according to top roofing companies in North Liberty, the most popular materials are:


Roofing Company in North Liberty-Aluminum

Aluminum is the most common material for designing drip edges. It’s not as strong as steel, but it doesn’t corrode and has more color choices than other materials.


Galvanized Steel

Steel drip edges must be galvanized, so they don’t rust when they contact water. A minimum of 24-gauge steel is best for drip edges; that way, they can withstand strong winds.



Copper drip edges will make your roof stand out. If you decide to use copper, make sure it is 20 ounces or greater.


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Roofing Company in North Liberty-What Are the Different Types of Drip Edges?

Roofing companies in North Liberty can install three different types of drip edges.


Type C

This is considered to be the classic drip edge. It has an “L” shape and is bent to a 90-degree angle.


Type D

This type of drip edge is “T” shaped. Professionals who work at roofing company in North Liberty prefer this type of drip edge over type C because it drains water further from the roof.


Type F

This is an extended drip edge that has a longer leading edge. It’s also known as a “gutter apron” and can be installed over existing shingles and drip edges.



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