A Roofing Company in Iowa City Suggests this Spring Maintenance Checklist

Robison is a roofing company in Iowa City that has been serving the area for over many years. We have established ourselves as a maintenance roof repair company in Iowa City, with our team having a combined experience of over 80 years. Robison has seen it all, from severe storms and high winds to simple DIY repairs. So when it comes to preparing your home for the spring season, you can be sure a roofing company in Iowa City knows what they’re talking about!

Roofing companies in Iowa City often hear jokes about being “too good at fixing pitched roofs” or making “Iowan mittens out of shingles”. Despite these light-hearted jabs, there’s no denying that they are some of the most experienced professionals around when it comes to taking care of roofs! Robison is one such company and we suggest this spring maintenance checklist to ensure that your home is prepared for whatever the season may bring.

Roofing Company in Iowa City

A Roofing Company in Iowa City Provides This Important Checklist:

  1. Inspect any areas where water may have collected on your roof during the winter months and make sure there is no visible damage or deterioration.
  2. Check for signs of animal entry, such as chew marks or dried droppings near the eaves and other potential points of entry or near any vent openings.
  3. Roofing companies in Iowa City say clear debris from gutters and downspouts, paying special attention to areas where birds may have nested over the winter months.
  4. Make sure all flashing materials (such as around chimneys and flues) are securely attached since cold temperatures can cause them to become loose over time.
  5. Inspect any skylights for visible damage, discoloration or condensation build up between glass panes – all of which could indicate faulty seals or improper installation.
  6. Look for signs of moss growth on your roof – especially along lower edges – which could indicate moisture accumulation due to inadequate ventilation in your attic space below the roof deck level.
  7. Finally, check for missing, broken, or lifted shingles – any combination of these issues could affect your roof’s integrity if not addressed quickly.

Roofing Company in Iowa City

Roofing Company in Iowa City

The Benefits of An Inspection Conducted by a Roofing Company in Iowa City

Performing this simple inspection every spring can help identify small problems before they become larger ones that could require major repairs down the line. However, even if you’re confident that you can complete it yourself, a roofing company in Iowa City still recommends consulting with professional roofing companies in Iowa City first so you can get excellent insight into things like local weather patterns, building materials that are better suited to the climate in Iowa City, and so on. These are things you might not be aware of otherwise as a homeowner!

A few years back one homeowner decided he was confident enough to inspect his own roof rather than hiring a roofing company in Iowa City, only to find out too late that he had missed an old squirrel nest lodged deep within his eave! Luckily some diligent work from Robison saved him from needing extensive repairs – but this little story serves as a reminder that when it comes too taking care of our homes here in Iowa City… we should always leave it up to professional roofing companies in Iowa City!




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Roofing Company in Iowa City

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Roofing Company in Iowa City

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