A Roofing Company in Iowa City Explains 4 Important Points Regarding Ice Dams — Winters are rough here in the Midwest. We see harsh blizzards, dropping temperatures, and lengthy snowstorms that seem to have no end. Alongside these harsh weather conditions comes with potential damages to your roof.

One of those hazards is a common issue among homeowners and is a confusing issue that we are here to clarify. That is the topic of Ice Dams. Join us through this article to learn a little bit more about what ice dams are and how they can impact your roof. As one of the top roofing companies in Iowa City, we’ll also provide some expert advice from on how to deal with ice dams.


A Roofing Company in Iowa City Answers: What Are Ice Dams?

Let a roofing company in Iowa City first explore this topic by learning about the science behind ice dams. Ice dams are ridges of solid ice that form along your roof’s eaves. They are created by a difference in temperature between the underside of your roof and the surface during the winter months. It is also common to find ice dams in your gutters.

They stop the water and snow from moving safely off your roof, and instead direct it into your home. Roofs that have low slopes are most susceptible to the formation of ice dams, however they can also be found on almost any roof if the conditions are right.

This potential danger to your roof can be difficult to spot, especially if you don’t know exactly what to look for. It is important to understand how they work and how to prevent or get rid of them.


A Roofing Company in Iowa City Explains How Ice Dams are Made 

  • Warm Air Underneath the Roof Melts Snow on Shingles
  • Water Makes Its Way Down the Roof, Melting More Snow as It Goes
  • Water Passes Down the Roof’s Slope Until It Gets to The Eaves
  • Cool Air Under the Eaves Causes the Water to Refreeze
  • Water with Nowhere to Go Seeps Under the Shingles and Develops Leaks or Begins to Rot Away at the Wood of Your Roof

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A Roofing Company in Iowa City Explains How to Handle and Prevent Ice Dams

Your first instinct with these dangers may be to chip, peek, hack, or scrape them off of your roof. That is NOT what you should do. This method does more harm than good, and you are much more likely to damage the shingles than remove the actual ice dam effectively. Let’s look at a common method on how you should approach the issue of an ice dam.

If you notice ice on your roof, one way you can combat the issue of ice dams is to cool your house from the inside. Instead of trying to tackle it from the outside, you can try and solve the problem from the inside.

You can use fans in your attic that are directed towards the roof, with the goal to cool the underside of the roof to avoid melting. While this method is not effective in removing ice dams, it can help reduce further damage until the damage can be assessed by roofing companies in Iowa City.


A Roofing Company in Iowa City Explains What Kind of Damage Can an Ice Dam Do? 

Ice may seem like just an issue on top of the roof, but it can truly do expensive damage below the surface. To start on the surface though, ice dams can break apart the protective layer on shingles, causing them to be less effective.

Below the surface, moisture can seep into the foundation of the roof and begin to deteriorate the wood by mildew, mold, and even wood rot. It is extremely important to call a professional if you believe ice dams have done damage to your roof, it may even require professional help from a roofing company in Iowa City.


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