5 Things That Can Damage Your Roof and How a Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids Can Help — Your roof is the major portion of your home that protects it from the elements. There are so many things that can cause damage to your roof, so it’s important to know them ahead of time. This will help you to better identify what the problem actually is, but how can you prevent it from happening in the future.

Having a leaking roof in Cedar Rapids is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. This is why we want to attempt to answer some of these questions and identify if you need residential roof repair in Cedar Rapids.

A Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids Warns About Ice, Snow, and Hail

Anytime there are large amounts of moisture on your roof, it is not a good thing, especially if your roof hasn’t recently been inspected by an expert on residential roof repair in Cedar Rapids. If you have significant amounts of snow on your roof, it can cause excess weight that your roof wasn’t meant to handle.

Additionally, the snow can melt during the day and then refreeze, causing ice to form on every nook and cranny of your roof. These trouble spots are commonly found near the seams, where leaks are most likely to occur.

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A Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids Warns About Wind and Storms

Most people don’t realize how nasty the wind gusts can be during a severe storm in the Midwest. If an item is outside and isn’t firmly planted down, it’s likely to blow away. This is true for your roof’s shingles too. After a strong storm, it would be wise to walk around your roof and look for any obvious signs of damage.

Signs of damage might include seeing a loose tile hanging from your roof or even tiles that are completely blown off. If you can’t see your roof, make sure and get out a ladder and take a quick look around the roof. During this time, take note of any problem areas you see.

You can also call a roof repair company in Cedar Rapids to do this part for you. This will give you peace of mind that all the damage is accounted for and fixed. If you are using an insurance company, they will want you to have the work done by professional roofers.


A Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids  Warns About Animals, Rodents, and Insects 

There are so many different living things that try to find their way into your home through your roof. Some of the more common critters, according to the best roofer in Cedar Rapids are:


  • Squirrels
  • Birds
  • Owls
  • Raccoons
  • Mice and Rats
  • Bats
  • Bees or Wasps
  • Snakes


Some of these critters will try to take pieces of your shingles and use them as their nests. They also try to burrow down to a warmer area to get away from the cold, which happens to be your attic, or even down further in-between your walls.

Your roof is a common entry point for animals to get inside your home. If you are suspicious there might be an unwelcome guest on or inside your roof, here are a few common signs that people report:


  • Scratching and scurrying sounds in the attic and or walls
  • Loud sounds at night
  • Crying or squeaking sounds throughout the day
  • Buzzing or hissing sounds

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A Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids Warns About Leaves and Branches  

This is very common, and most people wouldn’t blink an eye if they saw a twig or a bunch of leaves on their roof, according to the top roof repair company in Cedar Rapids. However, these can all cause significant damage if they accumulate in large numbers and are full of moisture. Groups of leaves can cause moisture to sit on your roof for long periods in the shade, which breaks down the integrity of your roof.

Leaves can also cause mold to form and spread throughout your roof and other parts of your home. If you see mold or mildew forming on your roof, it’s important to call the best roofer in Cedar Rapids to have it removed by a professional.

When you try to power wash it on your own, you can more damage if the pressure is too high. This will cost you more money to fix than if you had just called a professional in the first place.

Another issue with debris is that it can fall into your home’s guttering system. This is not ideal because it can easily clog and stop the proper water flow. When this happens, it can cause water to sit on the edge of your roof, which breaks it down and causes wood rot to the structure holding the gutter in place.

It can also cause water to flood your foundation and ruin the landscaping around your home. This is why keeping leaves and twigs out of your gutters is so essential to your home.


A Roofing Company in Cedar Rapids Warns About Sun Damage

Yes, the sun’s UV rays can indeed damage your roof over time. Sun damage can cause expanding and shrinking with the hot and cold temperatures. Direct sunlight can cause your roof to dry out too much, break down over time, and become brittle.

This is also why it’s so important to consider the region you live in when deciding on the kind of roofing materials you choose for your home. The amount of sun, temperatures, and moisture are all things that vary greatly, and you want the best sealants and materials for the Midwest, according to a residential roofing company in Cedar Rapids.


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