Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? A Leading Roof Repair Company in Des Moines Helps You Prepare, Part 1 – We love the great state of Iowa and everything that comes along with it. The only exception might be the brutal cold and seemingly endless snow during the winter.

You’ve got to be tough to get through winter in Iowa. As a leading roof repair company in Des Moines, our team at Robison Roofing knows that your roof must also be resilient. Winter throws a lot of challenging conditions at us, so it is critical that we’re prepared for the extreme weather that comes with it.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss some of the best ways that a Des Moines roofing company can prepare your roof for winter. By following these tips, you could save yourself some expensive and frustrating repairs down the road.

Roof Repair Company in Des Moines

Our Roof Repair Company in Des Moines Says, “Check Those Gutters”

Gutters are not actually considered part of your roof, but they play an essential role in keeping your roof healthy. Gutters are responsible for collecting rainwater and diverting it away from your house. It is important to prevent water from pooling near your home, and gutters make sure that all water is pushed a safe distance away from your home’s foundation.

According to our roof repair company in Des Moines, one of the most common issues we see with roofs is when the gutters are ineffective. Gutters can become clogged due to leaves, pine needles, dirt, and other debris that builds up inside. Contact your Des Moines roofing company to schedule your gutter cleaning to ensure you are ready for winter.

Roof Repair Company in Des Moines

Our Roof Repair Company in Des Moines Says, “Look for Missing Shingles”

You might think that a missing shingle here or there isn’t that big of a deal, and it just makes your roof look a little less appealing. That is not true, as shingles play an important role in your roof’s overall effectiveness. Even if just a small patch of your roof is exposed to the elements, it can lead to serious problems down the road.

Shingles are responsible for protecting the attic boards, and when these get wet, they will likely begin to rot. Once your home is victim to excessive wood rot, it can be difficult and expensive to repair. Make sure you are proactive before we get into the heart of winter. Get those damaged or missing shingles replaced by an experienced roofing company in Des Moines.


Our Des Moines Roofing Company Says, “Don’t Forget About the Attic & Insulation”

Air circulation is a critical component of keeping your roof healthy. Your attic plays a major role in keeping your roof and the rest of your home properly ventilated. During the winter in Des Moines, the air doesn’t flow evenly in the attic. If your attic is not correctly maintained or insulated, it could result in inconsistent airflow throughout your home and to your roof. The end result could be poor air quality and some structural damage.

During the winter, a poorly maintained attic can lead to ice dams on or near your roof. Attic insulation can play a huge part in keeping your roof healthy during extremely cold temperatures. Set up a meeting with a roof repair company in Des Moines or attic insulation expert to make sure your home is properly insulated before winter hits.


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Roof Repair Company in Des Moines


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