When you think about the elements that can damage your roof, the usual suspects likely come to mind. As a top roof repair company in Des Moines, we know that the following factors can lead to roof damage:

  • Heavy Rain
  • Strong Winds
  • Hail
  • Snow

While these weather-related factors indeed pose a threat to your roof, there are lesser-known culprits that can also cause significant damage. As a leader for residential roof repair in Des Moines, Robison Roofing knows the weather can be unpredictable. It’s essential for Des Moines homeowners to be aware of these less obvious threats to maintain the integrity of their roofs.

In this blog, we’ll delve into some of these lesser-known factors that can cause roof damage in Des Moines. We’ll also explain why it’s crucial to consider professional roofing services. At Robison Roofing, we can quickly address and prevent these issues.


Our Roof Repair Company in Des Moines Says, Watch Out for Tree Sap and Leaves

Trees provide valuable shade and enhance the aesthetics of your Des Moines, IA property. They can also be a source of damage to your roof. Tree sap, in particular, can be problematic. Over time, it can create a sticky residue on your shingles, leading to discoloration and reduced water shedding capacity.

This can result in water pooling, which can ultimately lead to leaks and other damage to your home in Des Moines. Standing water can lead to numerous issues if it is not addressed quickly.

Leaves can clog your gutters as well. Gutter clogs cause water to overflow and potential water damage to your roof and potentially to your home’s foundation.

Solution: As a top roof repair company in Des Moines, we suggest regular roof cleaning and gutter maintenance to help prevent the build-up of tree sap and leaves on your roof. Professional roofing services can efficiently remove these issues while ensuring your roof is not damaged in the process.


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Don’t Take Bird Droppings Lightly, According to a Top Roof Repair Company in Des Moines

Birds can be a common sight in Des Moines, and while they add to the natural ambiance, their droppings can be problematic for your roof. Bird droppings contain acids and enzymes that can corrode roofing materials over time. If not cleaned promptly, they can lead to deterioration of shingles and roofing components.

Solution: Regular roof inspections can help identify and address bird droppings before they cause significant damage. A roofing professional can safely clean the roof without causing further harm.


Algae and Moss Growth Can Result in You Needing Residential Roof Repair in Des Moines

Des Moines’ humid climate provides ideal conditions for the growth of algae and moss on your roof. These organisms can form a green or brownish layer on your shingles, causing them to deteriorate and lose their protective granules. As a result, your roof becomes more susceptible to water damage.

Solution: As an experienced roof repair company in Des Moines, Robison knows that professional roof cleaning can effectively remove algae and moss. This preserves the integrity and appearance of your roof. Regular maintenance will help prevent their return.


Our Roof Repair Company in Des Moines Says Beware of Animal Activity

Animals, especially small rodents and insects, can seek refuge on your roof. Some critters, like squirrels, can gnaw at your roofing materials, creating holes and entry points for water. Insects, such as termites, can infest wooden roofing components, leading to structural damage.

Solution: Periodic roof inspections can help detect signs of animal activity, and professional roofing services can provide the necessary repairs and pest control measures.


Poor Ventilation Can Lead to Residential Roof Repair in Des Moines

Inadequate roof ventilation can lead to various problems, including moisture buildup in the attic. Excess moisture can cause damage to:

  • The Sheathing
  • The Insulation
  • The Rafters

Damage to these items can result in costly repairs. It can also contribute to the growth of mold and mildew, which can affect your indoor air quality.

Solution: A roofing professional can assess your roof’s ventilation system and make necessary adjustments to ensure proper airflow and prevent moisture-related damage.


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Our Roof Repair Company in Des Moines Says, Limit Foot Traffic

While walking on your roof may be necessary for maintenance and repairs, excessive foot traffic, especially by untrained individuals, can lead to unintended damage. This includes cracked or broken shingles, damaged flashing, and weakened structural components.

Solution: Leave roof maintenance and repairs to a professional roof repair company in Des Moines that is trained to work on your roof without causing harm. Schedule regular roof inspections to identify any issues that need attention.


Improper Installation and Poor Residential Roof Repair in Des Moines

One of the lesser-known causes of roof damage is poor workmanship during the installation or repair process. Roofing materials that are not installed correctly or repairs that are not carried out to industry standards can compromise your roof’s integrity and longevity.

Solution: Ensure that you hire a reputable Des Moines roofing company, like Robison Construction, to handle your roofing needs. Their experienced professionals can provide quality installation, repair, and maintenance services that meet industry standards and manufacturer recommendations.


Our Roof Repair Company in Des Moines Says, Avoid DIY Roofing Work

Undertaking do-it-yourself (DIY) roofing projects without the proper knowledge, tools, and safety measures can lead to unintended damage. It’s essential to leave roofing work to the professionals who are trained to handle it safely and effectively.

Solution: If you’re considering any roofing work, consult with a professional Des Moines roofing company. They can provide guidance or complete the project on your behalf. Expert roofers can ensure it’s done correctly and without causing additional damage.


While weather-related factors like rain, wind, and snow are well-known contributors to roof damage, there are several lesser-known factors that can also take a toll on your roof in Des Moines. Tree sap, leaves, bird droppings, algae, moss, animal activity, poor ventilation, foot traffic, improper installation, lightning strikes, and DIY roofing work can all have adverse effects on your roof’s health and longevity.

To prevent and address these issues, it’s essential to rely on the expertise of a specialist in residential roof repair in Des Moines like Robison Construction. We can perform regular inspections, maintenance, repairs, and installations to ensure your roof remains in optimal condition and provides the protection your home deserves. Don’t let these lesser-known factors catch you off guard—take proactive measures to safeguard your roof and your home’s value.


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