Residential Roofer in Cedar Rapids: 6 Essential Roofing Nails–As a leading residential roofer in Cedar Rapids, our team at Robison knows how important it is to use the right materials for all of our roofing projects. We use high-quality shingles, metal roofing panels, flashing, and other premium materials for each roofing project.

One of the most essential items that we use for all roofing projects are nails. Many people may not realize just how many types of roofing nails a residential roofer in Cedar Rapids might use. So, what are the differences between these different types of nails? Our team at Robison is here to answer that question.

Let’s take a look at six different types of common roofing nails used by many roofing companies in Cedar Rapids.


Stainless-Steel Roofing Nails

Most roofing companies in Cedar Rapids prefer using stainless steel roofing nails for roofing construction. These are high quality nails that never rust, but they do come at a price. Stainless steel nails can be more than double the cost of other popular types of nails, however they tend to last much longer.

Residential Roofer in Cedar Rapids

Copper Roofing Nails

Copper nails are considered one of the softer nails that a residential roofer in Cedar Rapids might use, but they last for a very long time when installed correctly. You’ll often see copper nails used for specialty roofing products like slate and copper valleys.


Galvanized Coil Roofing Nails, a Popular Choice for a Residential Roofer in Cedar Rapids

One of the most cost-effective roofing nails on the market is galvanized coil roofing nails. Galvanized coil nails are one of the most widely used nails due to their price, but they also provide good longevity. These nails will eventually rust, but they do have a zinc coating which helps improve their lifespan and effectiveness.


Ring Shank Coil Roofing Nails

Next on the list are ring shank coil nails, which are widely considered an upgrade over galvanized coil roofing nails. The biggest drawback to using ring shank coil nails is their availability. These nails are hard to order, but if you can find them, they provide great durability for any roofing install or a project that requires residential roof repair in Cedar Rapids.

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Plastic Cap Roofing Nails

Some roofing nails are specifically used for applying the underlayment, specifically plastic cap nails. This nail is drilled straight into the wood and will not be vulnerable to leaks or water damage. One thing to remember is that plastic cap nails are not designed to apply the top layer of roofing, such as shingles or metal panels.


Metal Cap Roofing Nails

When a residential roofer in Cedar Rapids is looking for a nail with the largest surface area, they will probably turn to metal cap roofing nails. These are used to firmly secure roofing materials, and are especially useful when applying rolled roofing.


In order to be the best roofer in Cedar Rapids, it is important to know which type of nails to use for a given roofing project. Our team at Robison is highly skilled and educated with all types of roofing materials to ensure that we complete each job flawlessly.


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