What Makes Commercial Roofing Different from Residential in 2023? A Des Moines Roofing Company Answers — Not all roofs or roofing companies are equal. Some roof surfaces are flat, and others are slanted. Some roofs are made with asphalt shingles, and others are made of metal. An experienced residential and commercial Des Moines roofing company, like Robison Roofing, can handle any roof in town. If you aren’t familiar with the differences between residential and commercial roofing, these are the primary distinguishing factors:


Des Moines Roofing Company: Load Requirements

Commercial roofs must handle a heavier load than residential roofs. This requires a commercial roofing company in Des Moines to use specialty materials, often with added reinforcements, to support the extra weight.


Des Moines Roofing Company: Life Expectancy

Residential roofs are typically designed for a 20-year life span; however, commercial roofs can last much longer—up to 50 years in some cases.


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Des Moines Roofing Company: Building Regulations

Commercial roofing projects have more building regulations that must be met and documented to ensure safety for the employees and customers inside the business. A roof repair company in Des Moines understands these regulations and will make sure your project is compliant with all applicable laws.


Roof Repair Permits

Many Des Moines roofing permit requirements are similar to those of residential roofs; however, commercial roofs must adhere to some additional safety regulations. Des Moines roofing company understands the importance of proper permitting and will work with local authorities to obtain the necessary permits for your project.


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Des Moines Roofing Company: Style

Flat roofs are typical of commercial buildings and atypical for residential buildings. Des Moines roofers will know the best style for your home or business, depending on the size and shape of the building. With years of experience, our roofers at Robison Roofing can answer all your questions so that you can feel at ease knowing that you are using the best possible roofing materials.


Des Moines Roofing Company: Installation Requirements

Installing a commercial roof is significantly different between residential and commercial roofs. The best roofer in Des Moines has the experience and skills necessary to install your commercial or residential project properly.


Des Moines Roofing Company:Maintenance Requirements

Roof maintenance is one of the most important considerations when choosing a Des Moines Roofing Company. Des Moines Roofers will provide you with the best solution for your home, from periodic inspections and repairs to replacing old materials with new ones. Roofers have the experience necessary to quickly identify roofing issues and make the proper repairs and replacements to ensure the roof is structurally sound.


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Regardless of the type of Des Moines roofing materials you choose, it is essential to hire a roof repair company in Des Moines that has experience in the field and can ensure that your installation meets all standards. A professional roofing company in Des Moines will have an extensive portfolio of projects they have completed, so you can be sure that you are trusting your home or business to someone with the right qualifications.


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Roof repair and replacement is a significant undertaking. Don’t trust just anyone. At Robison, we provide high-quality, professional roofing services, and we refuse to cut corners. You can rest assured that your home will be handled with the utmost care and technical skill. Our experienced crews know how to repair any problem that comes along and replace even the most challenging roof designs.


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