A Roofing Company in Iowa City Explains 2 Harmful Ways That Stains Damage Roofs — Stains and growth patches caused by algae, or another fungus can damage your roof through shingle deterioration or even wood rot. Residential and commercial roofing companies in Iowa City run into this repair job often. A roof cleaning by the best roofer in Iowa City can not only reenergize your roof but also help prepare it for the more harsh months of fall and winter. Take care of your old or new roof in Iowa City and clean it today!

The best roofer in Iowa City is needed for more than just damage, but also for excellent stain-cleaning jobs. Here are some of the most common ways that stains damage a roof?

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Shingle Damage

Algae is a bacterium that feeds off both asphalt and limestone. Residential roofing companies in Iowa City find algae a lot due to how popular asphalt shingles are in the United States. These organisms are genuinely eating away at your roof’s shingles, which may result in a call to the best roofer in Iowa City if it continues for too long. You can check for this by checking if your attic is too hot. This will happen because algae naturally absorb heat.

Lichen colonies can be quite damaging to your shingles as well, according to the best roofer in Iowa City. The penetrating tentacles that your roofing company in Iowa City will warn you of, create pockmarks where they grow and can eventually ruin your shingles.


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Wood Rot

Moss can hold in moisture and divert water, which can be damaging to your roof.  This makes your roof deck susceptible to wood rot and leakage. Moss will tend to grow in the slots between shingles, which is the last place you will want water.

Moss growth on your roof is easy to spot, thankfully. The signs of wood rot, however, are more difficult to detect. Wood rot will not only shorten the lifespan of your roof, but it can cause mold growth. This can be damaging to the homeowners, pets, and other residents. The mold can also attract bugs and other critters to your attic who have no business being there. Take care of your roof today and call the best roofer in Iowa City.


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