3 Important Items That Should Be On an Inspection Checklist for a Des Moines Roofing Company – A roofing inspection is an important item for any homeowner. Roofing inspections should be scheduled regularly to ensure that your home’s roof is structurally sound. There are many things that a homeowner can detect from the ground level that might indicate a roofing issue. This could be missing shingles on the outside of the home or water spots on the interior.

One thing to remember is that a professional inspector from a Des Moines roofing company can detect issues that a novice may not be able to see. Experienced roofers have the knowledge and skills to find potential roofing problems before they become major concerns.

As a leading roofing company in Des Moines, we have compiled three important items that should be on every roofing inspector’s checklist. By ensuring that these items are structurally sound, your inspector can give you peace of mind that your roof is doing exactly what it’s supposed to.

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Your Des Moines Roofing Company Should Inspect the Flashing

The flashing is responsible for creating a watertight seal where multiple roof planes come together. A common spot for flashing is where the chimney or the vent pipes emerge from the roof. The flashing, when properly installed and maintained, will keep the inside of your home shielded from all moisture.

You may also see the flashing installed in “the valleys” of the roof. These are when two different roof slopes converge in one spot.


Your Des Moines Roofing Company Should Make Sure the Wall Cladding and Windows are Watertight

If your inspector is coming to evaluate the roof after a storm, a good place to look is the home’s exterior. This is when window leaks and wall cladding issues are most noticeable and can be easily detected by a roofing company in Des Moines.

When there are wet spots by the windows, these can sometimes be caused by poor or clogged gutters. Water can overflow from the gutters and drip down the walls, especially near the windows. Knowing this, it is important that your inspector closely evaluates your roof, wall cladding, and windows during an inspection.

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Your Des Moines Roofing Company Should Check for Ice Dams

Ice dams can be very common in Iowa, especially after a heavy snow that is followed by a warmer day when the snow starts to melt. Heavy snows take multiple days to completely melt. That means, on a day when temperatures rise into the 40s, the snow will begin to melt, but then it will likely re-freeze at night when temperatures dip back into the 20s. This process can result in the formation of ice dams.

Roofing inspectors should always be aware of ice dams as they can lead to serious roof damages. If you notice any water spots or drips inside your home on a day when the snow is melting, this may be caused by an ice dam forming somewhere on your roof.


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