A Roofing Company in Marion, IA Answers – New Roof? Or a Thorough Cleaning? —Getting a new roof in Marion can be a little overwhelming if you have never done it before. Where do you even start?  At Robison, our roofing company in Marion, IA knows all things roofing and can help you pick the best option for a roofing system for your home. A new roof can add property value to your home, as new roofs are a great selling feature. Especially if you choose a roof that has some added features such as heat reflection and great insulation that saves money on your electric bill.

Also regularly cleaning a roof is essential to maintain its longevity. A dirty roof can lead to damage to your home’s structure, such as excess moisture, mold growth, and more. It’s crucial to take safety precautions when walking on a roof to clean it. It is important to wear non-slip shoes, safety glasses, and sunscreen.Roofing Company in Marion

In this article, our residential roofing company in Marion, IA will be covering the different indicators that you may need a new roof, as well as the signs that you just need a thorough roof cleaning.

Roofs are much more complex than ever before, offering a wide range of features, colors, and materials. Hiring a professional company to do residential roof repair in Marion, IA or a complete replacement is important. Here are some of the most common red flags you might see, making it a necessity to start thinking about a roof replacement:

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You Notice Visible Sagging

Sagging usually takes place when there is excess weight that needs to be reinforced or water damage that has taken place due to water not running off your house properly. Regardless of the reason, residential roof repair in Marion, IA will be needed to access and fix the problem properly.

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You Have Missing Shingles

Missing shingles often occur during a storm that breaks the seal, and the shingle blows away or falls off. When this happens, it can cause water to leak below the surface and into your home.  Not only do you risk water damage, but it can cause mold and mildew to start to grow, which can be difficult to get rid of without a professional mold cleaning company. It’s much easier to get the best roofing company in Marion, IA to fix your current roof and protect any future damage from taking place.

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You Notice Cracked and Dried-Out Caulking

If your caulking is dried out and cracking, that means it is no longer sealed properly and could let water into your home. Caulking should be replaced every five to 10 years or after a significant storm, if needed. This is why a leaking roof in Marion should be looked at immediately to determine if you need roof repair or just recaulking.

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You Notice Stains on the Interior Ceiling of Your Home

Ceiling stains are not always due to roof issues, but in most cases, the roof is the main focus of the issue. Sometimes interior ceiling stains can result from a pipe or other kind of water leak within the home. However, most of the time, it’s due to some of the issues listed previously, like shingle damage, cracked caulking, etc. If you notice this kind of stain, it’s time to consult with a professional. With Midwest weather, the need for roof repair in Marion, IA is a real possibility.


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What Should You Use to Clean Your Marion Home’s Roof?

Your roof can become covered with algae, moss, animal droppings, or debris over the years. Letting these things build up on your roof for periods of time can cause damage such as excess moisture and mold growth. These things can lead to roof, ceiling, and structural damage to your home.

Do you notice that your roof needs to be washed, but you are not sure how to do it? Here are some tips from our team at Robison, a trusted roofing company in Marion, IA.

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Do Not Use a Pressure Washer

The intensity of a pressure washer can be too much for a roof to handle. Although it’s perfect for cleaning your home’s exterior walls, it is not the best option for your roof. Using a pressure washer on your roof can cause shingles to come loose and leave some spots exposed. The intense water pressure can also cause excess moisture to build up.

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Use a Garden Hose

The most effective way to clean your home’s roof is to use a garden hose with a sprayer attached. Fill the hose with equal parts water and bleach and spray the roof with the mixture. After it has been applied, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it off with clean water.

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Don’t Clean Your Roof on a Sunny Day

Cleaning your roof on a sunny day can cause the bleach solution you used to evaporate too quickly, making it less effective. Instead, we recommend cleaning your roof on a cloudy day, but make sure it is not too windy or cleaning will be a bit more challenging.

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Take Safety Precautions

Make sure your roof is safe to walk on before cleaning. If you notice any loose shingles, call a residential roofing company in Marion, IA to make the necessary repairs. If your roof is safe to walk on, wear non-slip shoes that fit your feet. We also highly recommend wearing safety glasses and sunscreen.

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Don’t wait until your house is covered with moss before you decide to clean it. According to a roofing company in Marion, IA, trimming your trees so sunlight hits your roof should help reduce moss growth.

You can also keep your roof and gutters clear of debris to eliminate the possibility of moss growth. However, If your roof is already covered with moss and you are not comfortable removing it, call a trained roofer in Marion to get the job done quickly and safely.

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Prevent Algae or Moss Regrowth

Depending on where you live, your home might be more prone to regrow moss and algae, sometimes in as little as a year. There are steps you can take to slow down the regrowth process.

First, you can install zinc or copper strips around your roof’s ridge. Ideally, the water will pick up the algae-killing ions on the strip and spread them on the roof when it rains. However, this isn’t the most effective prevention method because algae can still grow when it is not raining. To get these strips professionally installed, ask a residential roofing company in Marion, IA.

The second option is to spray a stain-blocking solution onto your roof. This product can prevent algae and mold growth on your roof for up to three years. Make sure you apply it shortly after cleaning your roof.


Over time, your roof can become covered with mold and algae growth, so it’s essential to keep it clean to extend its lifespan. We hope you take this advice from a residential roofing company in Marion, IA and use these tips next time your roof needs to be cleaned.


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